High Court of Judicature At Madras - Cause List
High Court of Judicature At Madras - Cause List

(For 31st, July, 2014)

               NOTIFICATION NO. 262 / 2014

will  sit  single  at  2.00  P.M.  on  31.07.2014   in   His
Lordship's  Chambers  and  take up  Rev.Aplw.No.211/2014  in
WP.No.2983/2008 as listed.

will  sit  single  at  2.00  P.M.  on  31.07.2014   in   His
Lordship's Chambers and take up WP.No.14003/2005 as listed.

will  sit  single  at  2.05  P.M.  on  31.07.2014   in   His
Lordship's Chambers and take up the cases as listed.
                           // By Order //

HIGH COURT, MADRAS    :                 	T.RAVINDRAN
DATED :  30.07.2014              		REGISTRAR  (JUDICIAL)

      (all High Courts & Supreme Court of India)

                    Notification No. 263/2014

        The meeting of the Hon'ble Security Committee of the High
Court,  Madras was convened on Wednesday, the 09th day  of  July,
2014  at 04.30 p.m., to consider the report of the Sub-Committee,
constituted  to visit the entire High Court campus; identify  the
parking  areas;  ascertain the average number of vehicles  parked
inside  the  premises  and  suggest alternatives  for  convenient
parking of the vehicles in the campus.

        The report of the Sub-Committee was perused and discussed
and  thereafter  the Hon'ble Security Committee  has  passed  the
following resolutions:

     O      The area near the Sesquicentennial Arch on the southern
       side is earmarked exclusively for Officers and Staff Members of
       High Court and Subordinate Courts, for parking of both four
       wheelers and two wheelers.
     O        The   vacant  space  available  opposite   to   the
       A.E.(Electrical), Public Works Department, Office, shall be used
       for two wheeler parking for Advocates.
     O      The area of two wheeler parking opposite to Transformer
       No.6 shall be converted to four wheeler parking and the said
       parking is exclusively meant for Advocates.

     O       The area at the back side of the ADR Centre shall be
       properly demarcated for car parking and the said parking is
       exclusively for Advocates.

     O      The stretch between the new Advocates Canteen and the
       Family Court premises, shall be utilized by providing proper
       markings and the parking near the back side of the Family Court
       will be exclusively for Advocates. The area near the Advocates
       canteen shall be made " No Parking" area so that vehicles can ply
       without any hassle.

     O       15  feet area in the space opposite to the Advocates
       Canteen is to be earmarked as                " No Parking" so
       that vehicles can move freely from Aavin Gate and then take a
       left turn, without any difficulty.

     O       The  area  presently earmarked for  construction  of
       Puducherry Block shall be properly developed for car parking. The
       entry for this area shall be from Esplanade Gate and only the
       vehicles of advocates and staff members can enter through the
       said gate and the said area will be earmarked as temporary car
       parking for Advocates until a definite proposal is taken up for
     O      The Aavin Gate and MBA Gate on NSC Bose Road shall be
       only entry points, but no exit points, till 02.00 p.m.

     O      The owners of the vehicles, parked during nights in the
       High Court campus, shall be informed through notices calling upon
       them to remove the vehicles during nights and, if not, action
       will be initiated to remove the said vehicles without any further

     These  proceedings are published in the cause list in  order
to facilitate to invite the views, if any, of the learned Members
of the Bar, in the above regard.
                         // BY ORDER //

DATED :   30/07/2014                    REGISTRAR GENERAL